• Making a living out of cutting and sticking

    This blog is about my cheerful introduction to creating paper artwork displayed in glass cloches and it all started with my cheese-loving best friend.
  • Your City, Your Story

    With my stage design background I'm used to revealing and building the story visually throughout the play. With this type of artwork the whole story was going to be visible all at once. My challenge was how to intertwine all the stories and have them sit harmoniously with each other whilst maintaining an element of discovery and a journey to be had when looking at it."
  • DobrowolskiDesigns Stocks up for 2018

    Restocking at the beginning of the year has always been an exciting time for me, but this year is especially exciting with the new discovery of one of the oldest paper merchants in the U.K. and it was right on my doorstep all along...
  • A very good place to start

    The best part of designing for me isn't just the final piece but the process and the journey of getting to it. It doesn't matter how challenging the brief, the design is in there, HOW I discover it fascinates me.

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