So this is my first Blog post and I thought it best to start at the very beginning. I'm going to give a quick run through of how DobrowolskiDesigns came about and from there I'll use this Blog to show my current work and techniques etc. So here goes!

Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with sellotape and paper. It was always top of the Christmas list, rolls of sellotape, scissors and paper of every colour filled my bedroom. I love paper. I love cutting it, sticking it, shaping it and creating with it. When I look at a blank piece of paper I see its potential and possibility.

I'm a designer in many aspects. I trained in Theatre Design, ran a graphic design job along side theatre whilst working in London for 6 years. I've designed tattoos, interiors, gardens, weddings, invitations, books - you name it I've probably crossed paths with it. I naturally seem to end up designing in which ever environment I'm in. I briefly worked as a document controller for an engineering firm in London. As the project came to a close I was made redundant and, on the same day, I was re-employed by them to do the interior design of their offices. Designing comes back to me no matter where I end up!

The best part of designing for me isn't just the final piece but the process and the journey of getting to it. It doesn't matter how challenging the brief, the design is in there, HOW I discover it fascinates me.

In 2014 I gave birth to my beautiful son, Tommy. In the first year of his life I didn't design anything as I focused solely on enjoying those precious moments with him. Motherhood is such a gift, ... but I felt 'me' slipping away and it terrified me. I decided that I needed to take action and get back to designing and see if 'me' was still in there! Once I had pinpointed that the process of working to a design brief is what really enthused me, I figured that it didn't matter what I was designing. It didn't have to be a stage, it could be a bespoke card, something quick that could be created between naps and nappy changes!

And so the cutting mat, the reams of colourful cardstock and my trusty Swan Mortar 10A scalpel came out of the drawer again. This is where I started. I made a whole range of Christmas cards that year, set up my Etsy shop and sold them at local craft fairs. I could feel 'me' coming back and it was wonderful!

It's now 2018, I have quickly progressed from my humble Christmas cards to bespoke commissions of artwork from all over the world, flying out to the US, Malawi, Australia and Europe. I think that this success has been down to my comfort and confidence with my medium. Paper and I just get each other and working together is a joy.

This year I have some exciting challenges ahead. My biggest commission yet, a tryptic of skylines is in the pipeline set for a stunning London apartment. I have accepted the invitation to have a stall at The Handmade Fair presented by Kirstie Allsopp at Hampton Court Palace this September - so plenty to be getting on with for that (!!) and then all of my wonderful sales that occur through Etsy to stay on top of.

Tommy is now in Nursery and so I can dedicate more time to my art and the balance of  'Artist and Mummy' is settling into a lovely rhythm. Do you know what he asked Santa for this Christmas?... his own pair of scissors and some paper. Here we go again!