I often get asked what paper I use to create my work so I thought a post about my awesome new supplier would be cool! 

       I say 'new' but they're actually 100 years older than me and have been doing business since 1885. The company is called G.F.Smith, they have a showroom in London just off Oxford Street. It's like an Aladdin's Cave of every paper you could possibly dream of, laid out in the most aesthetic and delicious way. Eye food!! In the show room you get to experience any papers you'd like to try and the customer service is next to none. The people who work there love their papers and colours and process and their enthusiasm is infectious. I don't need any help to be excited about paper and colour but I left this place positively buzzing and vowing never to buy paper from anywhere else!  

       Why? For many reasons as stated above but also because of their approach to sourcing ethically and responsibly recycled pulp - in particular their Extract range has caught my attention. Did you know that only 4 in 1000 paper cups are actually recycled?!! Due to the plastic coating on the cup they are especially difficult to recycle but G.F .Smith's mill in Hull has created a ground-breaking process to Extract this Grade A pulp from the used cup and turn it into stunning paper. Currently there are ten shades of this beautiful paper, the yellow mustard is an exact match to my company and so I'll be using this a lot in the future.  

      The other collection of paper (also G.F.Smith) that I use is called the Colourplan. This used to be a collection on 50 colours covering the whole spectrum but has now increased to 51, with the addition of Mars Green - voted the most loved colour in the world! And I agree it's stunning! Looks great next to yellow too :)  

      Here is a short time lapse video of me sorting my first order of stock for 2018. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to visit my website to view my work